We partner with technology leaders to unlock next levels of growth & success.

True Focus

On enterprise technology, services, and digital health & life sciences


Worth of lead advisory strategic M&A and financing completed

Sector Leading

Clients recognized for achieving exceptional growth & success

Senior Team

Ex BCG, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, KPMG, McKinsey, PwC

True partnership

We advise entrepreneurs, senior management and boards on their most important strategic decisions and transactions. We are building true partnerships and are deeply invested in every business we take on.

  1. Committed to achieving ambitious, long-term goals.
  2. Building true partnerships with technology leaders.
  3. Looking out for each other and doing the right thing.
  1. Keeping an open mind, and keep learning and improving.
  2. Engaging with opportunities early, where we can, and at every stage.
  3. Working with great care and at a fast pace.

Passionate about building businesses

We are founded on the principle of combining strategic insight with investment banking capabilities and deep sector expertise. We have worked with great businesses in our sector for 15+ years, allowing us to draw on extensive experience, hard-earned credibility, and a powerful network of relationships.

”We lead with conviction – how an industry will be transformed, how a strategy will operate and what the ‘right’ outcome should look like. We have seen some of the best successes achieved when we partner early, get behind the vision, and then work to make it happen.”

Philipp Kobus, Managing Partner

Unlocking next levels of
growth & success

We help great businesses scale and drive exceptional value for shareholders, management and employees. Many have been recognized as growth leaders in their sector and have been backed by top technology investors or acquired, at premium valuations, by global strategic buyers.